Working together to serve the common good and Putting the fun into FUNdraising


We stand with those who desire to serve others by organizing monthly fundraising events and challenges to support a diverse range of good causes.

Enrich yourself

“The sofa is not your friend.”

Do you ever feel you could do something a little bit more amazing with your time than channel surf? Is it time to break up with the sofa and regain a spring in your step? If you’re ready to shake things up, we can help.

Throughout the year, we at the Jet Singh Trust arrange events that seek to galvanize people into making healthier lifestyle choices while at the same time mobilizing them to take part in socially conscious activities.

Some of our past events have included bike rides, half marathons and mountain hikes, all of which raised thousands of pounds for charity. Many of those who took part were fitness novices who didn’t know they could climb, run or cycle for as long as they did. They did it, and so can you. But don’t be daunted either. Our events suit a range of abilities and ages: we held an open air kitchen to feed the homeless on the streets of Birmingham in December 2016 and there was an underwater treadmill challenge in February 2017, ideal for those with joint pain.

When you sign up to one of our fundraising events, two things happen:

           1. You take a step towards doing something positive for your own well being

           2. You become part of a process that touches countless other lives.

So take up a challenge and get fundraising… your sofa will not miss you.

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Enrich others

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else”

Booker T. Washington

Each month the Jet Singh Trust selects a worthy cause to contribute to.

By fundraising for the less fortunate we are given a firm purpose and motive to see through with our commitment to a challenge.

So far the participants in our events have raised thousands of pounds for charities with their combined efforts. The good causes supported include: Birmingham children’s hospital (£11k); Sikh helpline (£3k) , An Indian girls orphanage (£5k); Wings, a local special needs group (£1k), a donation to a local terminally ill girl (£1k) and WaterAid (£7k).

Be part of something inspirational.

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Collaborate with us:

Team work makes the dream work”

John C. Maxwell

Things you find difficult to do on your own become stimulating and fun when you can tap into a network of like minded people.

Cultivating a supportive community spirit and collaborating to improve lives are core pillars on which the Jet Singh Trust was founded.

We set out the challenges and provide a framework for you to reach your personal and fundraising goals.

Select a challenge. Let us support you through it.

See how the Jet Singh Trust came about and what we stand for.

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