About the Campaign


With over 30,000 children living with cerebral palsy in the UK, and taking into account family, friends and others involved in supporting those with the condition, it becomes apparent how many thousands of lives are affected.

Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common form, which appears in around 75% of cases. The main symptom is rigid limbs that cause movements to be stiff and jerky, affecting one or both arms and/or legs.

Spastic diplegia specifically means that both legs are affected, and severity ranges from mild mobility issues to full wheelchair dependency. Sometimes children undergo surgery to reduce the muscle stiffness and spasticity, either by releasing the nerve fibres running from the muscles to the spinal cord or cutting parts of the muscle.

This is where we come in. H2O Physio’s underwater treadmills provide the ideal form of training to ensure a faster, better recovery, giving children the chance to walk and live life to the full. The Jet Singh Trust is working hard to find companies or individuals to fund treatment for children with spastic diplegia. Why not sponsor a child or help us to fundraise for the Born to Walk Campaign?